Aaron M. Jasnow, PhD

Dr. Jasnow recieved his BA in Psychology from the University of Richmond and his PhD in Behavioral Neuroscience from Georgia State University at the NSF Center for Behavioral Neuroscience. He recieved a pre-doctoral fellowship from the NIH for his graduate work examining the neural circuitry underlying responses to social defeat in Syrian hamsters.  He recieved an NIH post-doctoral fellowship for work examining the genomic effects of estrogens in the amygdala and on fear and anxiety behaviors in females while in the laboratory of Donald Pfaff at The Rockefeller University. He then completed a second post-doctoral fellowship at Emory University School of Medicine in the laboratories of Kerry Ressler and Tig Rainnie, applying elecrophysiology and molecular biology to acheive cell-type specific analysis of amygdala function. He is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychological Sciences , affiliated withe the graduate program in Biomedical Sciences at Kent State University and a member of the new Brain Health Research Institute at Kent State University. His interests are in brain mechanisms underlying fear and anxiety responses, social behavior, stress, learning and memory, addiction, and genetics. 

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